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Our tea fields are located in the city of Usuki in Oita Prefecture on the southwestern island of Kyushu. With its hilly landscape,
misty air and distinct temperature differences, the area is perfectly suited for growing tea.
We grow our green tea according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for organic plants and foods, using no pesticides.
The secluded location of our tea fields ensures that there is no contamination with pesticides used on other farms.
We received the JAS - Certified Organic Food seal in March 2001 and have been cultivating organic tea ever since.
Thanks to the elimination of pesticides our soil is rich in growth- promoting bacteria which make our tea bushes grow sturdily and healthily.

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We want you to enjoy our green tea no matter where you live and will happily send it to you.
①As a private customer you can order our tea directly from the online shop.
②For business inquiries, contact us here.

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Our tea fields and factory are situated in the city of Usuki in Oita Prefecture. The scenic landscape amidst mountains and the sea is a real attraction and has even served as the setting for a movie. The factory is located in close proximity to the tea fields so that the tea can be processed immediately after harvest. Curious to learn more? Come visit us – we would love to show you around!

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